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Floppy Save Icon

Just considering iOS App UI as private by referring internet. I found one topic about save icon. On smartphone app, basically autosave function should be required to make sure good usability without save icon and consciousness for saving. But some case, explicit saving by themselves is the best way to save the date since user can store historical works.

20151225saveicon I noticed almost applications have “Floppy Disk” Save icon. But Floppy Disk had been abolished for 10 years. Younger generation doesn’t know the meaning of Floppy, don’t have any experience to save data into Floppy Disk. Althought almost user can easily understand and operate to save date by clicking the Floppy Disk Icon. Needless to write, older user well remembers the sound when Floppy drive is working.

These situation makes me understand that the floppy icon doesn’t mean Floppy itself at this time, it’s function to save. I’ m not sure it’s easy to recognize the meaning of icon for younger generation who have not used Floppy Disk, but they have got the meaning without realizing. That’s very curious.

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New HTTP status code 451

Finally new HTTP status code 451 was approved by IETF. RFC will be shortly delivered.

I’m wondering who can response this code. Because when user accessed the page, the censored document will be correctly passed to user, it means censorship organization or person avoids to let user know fact that be censored. Internet Provider or some service provider can response the code without presser from anyone. It must be rare case to notice the fact.

According to some internet article about this, there were so many type of the opinion for agree or disagree.  Code space is limited, it’s good to collect the fact that there are some censorship on internet and so on.

In near future, statistic report about this will be revealed by lab and internet research company. I’m looking forward to see the result. 

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Good reference for beginner of iOS App developer

From beginning of this year, I have been planning to develop iOS App to learn Swift and Xcode development. As fast step, started with learning some UI design concept for iOS and making mock. There are many document or guideline offered by Apple.  And Adobe provides many tool to make mock for Smartphone Apple. 

I would like to recommend some documents and services for the beginner of developer like me. and if i will find more good one, let me update here or post new one.

Site Title Memo
Apple iOS Human Interface Guidelines. Basic Document
Apple WWDC Video Official and biggest MacOSX and iOS developer conference by Apple.
Adobe Adobe Comp Mock Application for not only for SmartDevice, also Web & Publishing. Easy to share the mock with Desktop Adobe Creative Suite like Photoshop and Illustrator.  
A Map of the Unexplored Project iOS Fonts Available Font list on iOS Application.
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UIkit on Cocoa

Continually studying iOS App development by referring some document and online website. just getting used to Xcode Interface. But there are some many framework function based on Cocoa. I have not yet looked over all UIKit framework. I have some idea for the app. trying to find best way to build UI based on some UIkit module. will look for UIKit list to make me be easy to find the best one.

UIKit User Interface Catalog



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What is strength of Apple?

I’m learning application development for iOS device with swift. But it’s not only development language. Apple strongly requires developer to make sure great User experience. To do so, there are many guidelines for UI design and Application behavior. The website for iOS developer has a lot of docs and video. So I’m reading one by one to understand their concept. While doing this, it makes me recognize as strength of Apple. This is one of video contents recoded in WWDC2015. I have just watched it.

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