Next MacBook Pro

My MacBook Pro is still 2012 model, from last year, I have been waiting for new MacBook Pro unveiling. There has been having many rumor for it. But Apple didn’t mention in WWDC 2016 and has not changed it since 2015.

Roundup: Everything we know about the rumored MacBook Pro w/ Touch ID, OLED fn keys & USB-C

When I can buy it…, 


Moved to Singapore

From beginning of this month, I have been in Singapore to work here. This is first time to live in out of japan. But environment is very good to stay for Japanese, because there are many restaurant and foods shop which have Japanese foods. Bit expensive due to importing from Japan. In first week, time was fired due to setup for life, getting be calming down. I have a lot of things what I want to do here. I also brought my violin from Japan to continue practice.

This Instagram Photo is view from my house in the evening.


Getting be relaxed

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Diary Private

Accomplished Book 1

I started violin practice at music school from begining of this year. Finally all etude in Suzuki method book 1 was done by practicing a hour everyday. So I can move forward to next book.  

Mord advanced technic will be reqired,  it means more practice is needed. I’m enjoying and feeling that my sound is getting better day by day, but not satisfied with that. 

I don’t have any goal at this time, but i d like to get enough ability to play more higher quality of violin.











I got iPhone SE. It took one month to get it after ordered. Comparing with iPhone 6 on my hand, screen is smaller, I completely forget this feeling when I was using iPhone 5s.

So I uninstalled some unnecessary application to reduce menu page and make it be easy to find. As result, my installed applications are minimized and well selected. And the rumor of iPhone 7 is coming out. I wish new product will have more attractive and completely new function.


iPhone SE

Currently I’m using iPhone 6 docomo. From 6s, user can unlock SIM. But iPhone 6 doesn’t allow to be unlocked. And 6s is very expensive ever so I missed to buy it. There are some rumor about SE, like it’s based on reusing dead stock part from 6s. “Inside The iPhone SE Reveals Surprising Developments In Apple’s Supply Chain“.

It’s ok for me. Possible to unlock SIM with reasonable price is good condition. So I ordered 64G Gold version on Docomo WebSite last week after apple unveiled. But I have not yet received to contact from them. Still waiting..