Floppy Save Icon

Just considering iOS App UI as private by referring internet. I found one topic about save icon. On smartphone app, basically autosave function should be required to make sure good usability without save icon and consciousness for saving. But some case, explicit saving by themselves is the best way to save the date since user can store historical works.

20151225saveicon I noticed almost applications have “Floppy Disk” Save icon. But Floppy Disk had been abolished for 10 years. Younger generation doesn’t know the meaning of Floppy, don’t have any experience to save data into Floppy Disk. Althought almost user can easily understand and operate to save date by clicking the Floppy Disk Icon. Needless to write, older user well remembers the sound when Floppy drive is working.

These situation makes me understand that the floppy icon doesn’t mean Floppy itself at this time, it’s function to save. I’ m not sure it’s easy to recognize the meaning of icon for younger generation who have not used Floppy Disk, but they have got the meaning without realizing. That’s very curious.

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