Changing Job

In my current company, last working day was 26th Nov (Fri) 2021 and resignation day will be end of Dec 2021. It means new job will be started from Jan 2022. Let me share a bit my this story as part of daily.

I usually posted my yearly target at 1st Jan every year here. And later half of 30’s, one of the my target was managing diversified team in English (foreigner employee, out side of Japanese). Fortunately I got change to do from 2016. So somehow, getting many kindness and support from colleagues, I did the role for mostly 6 years including staying in Singapore for 5 years. But at same time, my target in recently year, I added one thing to explore what I will do in next a decade in 40’s. Surely one of the target to manage non Japanese people was achieved, also I’m getting boring to continue same biz domain “online adversing”.

Why my emotion for online ads has been happened may be consumer is not preferring to online advertising based on user’s behavioural data analysis which is core technology in recent days. Still the technology for those are not mature, history of this industry is not deep so far are one of the reason consumer is feeling uncomfortable for online ads. Sometime just showed what the person saw as retargeting, or recommendation. So there are many room to improve and grow the business by doing improvement one by one. Another reason for boring the industry is everything is happened on online and not well connected with real world, in in other words, it has not hit me yet to contribute the worlds. Of course, the industry is well monetising online page view and earning as business. But I’m wondering the meaning of industry and it has value for me to continue it.

After back to Japan from Singapore, I tried to make some vegetables on my balcony and also renting shared fields and finding good things in agriculture industry, of course it’s quite huge existing industry in the world, so hard to change it, but feeling that there are some possibility to improve and change the world by IT.  And luckily got chance to work the industry “Agtech(Agriculture tech)” from Jan 2022. I’m deeply appreciating all experiences in current company for last 12 years and decided to change job.

Although I can leverage IT experience but it’s totally beginner for agriculture. Although my age is getting over 40, it’s kind of start line as career. but I’m exciting to do and hope use those knowledges after retirement as lifetime assets. This is totally new target (ambisous?) in my new journey. 

So hoping I can write some posts which will be related with the agtech I’m learning soon here.


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