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Hong Kong

Last weekend, I visited to Hong Kong as private trip. This was first time to be there. I was surprised that the city was very narrow between Harbor and mountain. There are so many slope and standing high building on that. Dim Sum, congee with Fried bread, adn Wontan Noodle were good test. But better to trip with some one because Chinese Food serves with big plate for many person. Single Traveller can’t fully enjoy food.

Crush of people and shop

Shunichi Takeishiさん(@tkisnet)が投稿した写真 –

Night ocean view

Shunichi Takeishiさん(@tkisnet)が投稿した写真 –

Only one and half days, but I believe I could be at all place where traveller must to go.



It’s long time to no go aboard as private trip. Last time was 5 years ago. This time, I went to Germany with my parents. Main purpose for this trip was celebration for my father’s retirement. because my father has never gone abroad. I will upload some picture later. Some photos has been posted on Instagram.

Date Sightsee Place Memo Photo 
10/2   Flight(JL407 NRT->FRT)

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10/3 München City
Train (DB Bahn: Frankfurt->München)  

Münchner Oktoberfest
Schloss Nymphenburg

10/5 Schloss Neuschwanstein
Schloß Hohenschwangau
 Bus Tour  
10/6 Heidelberg  Train (DB Bahn: München->Frankfurt)  
10/7 Rhein Server
Kölner Dom
 Train (DB Bahn) / Cruises (KD)  
10/8 Frankfurt City  Walking  
10/9   Flight (JL408 FRT->NRT)