Subscription Management by StoreKit2

Store Kit2 was announced in WWDC21 and it simplied process to handle in-app purchase than previous APIs. But still there are some limitation and over iOS 15 is required to use it. In my developing app, I have implemented subscription plan to erase ads space. But I couldn’t find best way as StoreKit2  to directly handle subscription management like cancelling and renewing the subscription in App. One of the way apple providing as of now is sheet to have dedicated subscription management page in App. Other approaches to use store kit 1 methods. To try new way, I tried to use new one instead of that.

Here is instance method in SwiftUI as presentation modifier 

And in internet, there is quite few sample code for that. So let me post my sample with Swift UI. 

Button(action: {
      if let windowScene = UIApplication.shared.connectedScenes.first {
         do {
            try await AppStore.showManageSubscriptions(in: windowScene as! UIWindowScene)
         } catch {

It’s easy to implement it in SwiftUI View code as Button. Then clicking the button, The sheet having Subscription plan options including cancelling will be shown on the APP.  Like this.

Also you can see the implementation on below app.


WWDC2022 Platforms State of the Union

It’s just season to learn apple direction and product in June. WWDC has been hold in this week. And there are latest technology updates as well as new

One of the impressed tech in 2nd session “Platforms State of the Union” was ”Swift Charts”. It’s not conspicuous one because there are some similar library to make chart on swift app. But reason why I love is it enables us to make simple and smart chart on app as well as native app has, since it’s troublesome to make own designed chart by swift. 

Of course, there are more fantastic updates,  like concurrency async, Live Text API, NavigationStack and so on.  But Swift Charts was the most favourite one for me in the session. 

It’s effective from iOS 16. 

End of Flash Player

One of biggest news in this year for me was farewell to Flash Player. Because Flash contents was trigger to get my interest to internet and it’s kind of dream around early 2000. Some special site was made by Flash to be interactive with user’s mouse operation. Top web creator generated impressive site to get user attention, it let me be motivated to join internet industry. Also I made some flash site with action script 3.0 by referring those fantastic contents.

Goodbye Flash, goodbye FarmVille

Needless to say, turning point for Flash contents was Apple’s direction for supporting Flash. Jobs decided to not support Flash contents on iOS/Safari when iPhone was getting first device of mobile early 2010s. After that, main technology for rich web contents has been shifting to HTML5/Javascript.

Final update for Flash Player had be made by Adobe to kill Flash Player at 8th Dec 2020.

I deeply appreciated all contributor for Flash to make wonderful experience in my life, but it may be just a page of long internet history. Hope we can make more attractive content on internet with advanced technologies.


Rambling with GR3

I used GRD4, GR2 and GR3. It’s naturally getting advanced as functionality. With that, the agility to take snapshots has been most improved point.

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Evening after raining. #gr3 #grsnaps #ricohgr3 #tokyo

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Started to write is a kind of the blog service in japan. By looking into functionality on the service, it’s just blog service. But concept and basic physophy is totally different from typical blog service. Most blog services are generating revenue from ads. But this service is not considering to just increasing traffic or PV. They are empowermenting creators by supporting to charge contents. There are many type of usage as creator. The simplest case is just selling article by monthly charge or one time. Another case is collecting monthly fee for fun club by proving article news or contents.

I’m not thinking to sell my articles so far. But if I will be able to make more valuable content or article, it’s easy to start to sell rather than publishing e-books or promoting my content to publisher. I’m looking forward to seek my possibility by continually using this platform.