2024 Target

2023 Target

KPT format is  getting my standard to make retrospective for the year. So this time continues same way.


  • Expanding my tech knowledge as part of job and enjoying work itself. So keep this good momentum.


  • Due to busy in work, I could not ride road-bicycle a lot and no time to practice violin.  need to reconsider how I can maintain those hobbies under current life style.
  • a bit fail to make good capital gain. need to consider approach for asset management.


  • Still not enough knowledge for my current role. Since responsibility to support technology is wider than Now I can do.  Regardless time like in work or not, continue to learn more.
  • I wanted to brush up fundamental English ability, especially vocabulary / work are not enough to work with English Natives. In past, it was ok to communicate with Non Natives since each other’s level for English are mostly same. but in international company,  

As entirely, I’m satisfied with current job and spent a lot time for the job, so a bit less time for hobbies. So time for free is very limited, more efficient time usage/utilizaition might be challenging for 2024 as well. 

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