2024 Target

2023 Target

KPT format is  getting my standard to make retrospective for the year. So this time continues same way.


  • Expanding my tech knowledge as part of job and enjoying work itself. So keep this good momentum.


  • Due to busy in work, I could not ride road-bicycle a lot and no time to practice violin.  need to reconsider how I can maintain those hobbies under current life style.
  • a bit fail to make good capital gain. need to consider approach for asset management.


  • Still not enough knowledge for my current role. Since responsibility to support technology is wider than Now I can do.  Regardless time like in work or not, continue to learn more.
  • I wanted to brush up fundamental English ability, especially vocabulary / work are not enough to work with English Natives. In past, it was ok to communicate with Non Natives since each other’s level for English are mostly same. but in international company,  

As entirely, I’m satisfied with current job and spent a lot time for the job, so a bit less time for hobbies. So time for free is very limited, more efficient time usage/utilizaition might be challenging for 2024 as well. 

Sakura Season

It’s season for Sakura (Cherry blossoms). In Tokyo, unfortunately raining day  has been continued after cherry blossoms started. So it’s a bit tough to see sakura in peak time, but I could captured some good sights in several place. 

  • Meguro River (Tokyo)
  • Roppongi Midtown(Tokyo)
  • Hanaki River (Hiratsuka, Kanagawa pref)

I picked up some to here, hope you can enjoy seasonal awesome and fantastic sakura photos.

Speaker on M2 MBA

After a few weeks, I realised sound quality of M2 MacBook Air is relatively great than M1 MacBook Air. Somehow sounds are coming from monitor. I was surprised to see build in speaker on M2 MacBook Air are at hinge as attached photo.
That’s why I felt that sounds are coming from monitor, it means the sound from speaker has been reflected on monitor. 

At same time, number of build in speaker are double (from 2 to 4) and are supporting Dolby Atoms. Playing some music on Apple Music are compatible with Dolby Atoms. So I could feel good quality sounds as spatial one.

Changed to M2 MacBook Air

I have been user for MacBook Air since 1st generation of that. it was released at 2018. Including company’s one, I used most of generation of that. And 1st gen to recent one (M1 based), shape has been mostly same, Heigh are different on both side.

Opened box of M2 MacBook Air. Compared with Macbook 12 inch 2016. Slight bigger

I brought M2 MacBook Air with 1TB SSD. More biggest changing for me was share on M2 MacBook Air. It’s flat body same as MacBook Pro series. because in my jobs, company provides MacBook Pro, so not big surprise to use flat shape body. But somehow missing clam shaped body on MacBook Air.

Due to not enough SSD for recent iPhone Photos, It’s a bit tough to handle files with 512GB SSD on previous one, even most of file are managed on iCloud Disk. Previous M1 MacBook Air (2020) has enough CPU/GPU power with M1 for me, at this point, no big reason to change it to latest one. Main reason to change it was mainly for less disk, and a bit curious about flat design and Midnight colours, definitely so cool on my desk.

 Anyway, getting new Mac is always exciting and refreshing my mind!

2023 Target

In the past, I usually looked back a year and set target for coming year on here. but from 2022, changed the format to KPT basis.

2022 Target

So let me continue this format.


  • Riding RoadBike as regular basic exercise. 
    Frequency is a bit lower than 2020/2021, but well kept habit in 2022 as well. This should be kept in 2023.
  • Unfortunately unexpected job changed was happened at Nov 2022, but luckily got another opportunity. The job is expecting me to have more additional technical fields which was not familiar with in past. I felt it’s good challenging form me as well. So in 2023, it’s time to get additional speciality in career. 
  • Reading some English book.
    Due to job change, usage of English ability has been backed. So not concerning to keep the ability. But at same time, Vocabulary should be improved because most of conversion with US team. Intentionally choosing English book  may help me.  Will keep this as much as possible.


  • Less practice for Violin
    Since my work and life style has been changed from 2021, so it’a bit tough to secure practice for Violin, although I’m still having interests for that. I’m feeling somehow for a while, I will defer this habit to a few years. It may be by once settle down  new job.
  • Cooking
    Kept weekend cooking, but due to time limitation, not well challenged new cooking and recipe. 


  • Consider best capital asset management. Due to economical situation change, total my asset was damaged in 2022. During good economics, it did not have any issues. but found some issues because less knowledges. It better to start some learning more on this area from now on.
  • Also consider some life plan for after retirement with above asset management plan. Since getting ages over 40. 

As I wrote in “Keep”, Job change was just happened in Nov 2022, it was not expected at beginning of 2022, because also started new Job at that time. Many of my friends and acquaintance said, “Your latest job is well matched with you than  previous one”. Of course, it was a long way around, then somehow I reached to here. And feeling a bit challenging to take new tech field, at same time enjoying new thing. So maybe for a while in 2023, will focus on my job rather than private one.