Speaker on M2 MBA

After a few weeks, I realised sound quality of M2 MacBook Air is relatively great than M1 MacBook Air. Somehow sounds are coming from monitor. I was surprised to see build in speaker on M2 MacBook Air are at hinge as attached photo.
That’s why I felt that sounds are coming from monitor, it means the sound from speaker has been reflected on monitor. 

At same time, number of build in speaker are double (from 2 to 4) and are supporting Dolby Atoms. Playing some music on Apple Music are compatible with Dolby Atoms. So I could feel good quality sounds as spatial one.

Changed to M2 MacBook Air

I have been user for MacBook Air since 1st generation of that. it was released at 2018. Including company’s one, I used most of generation of that. And 1st gen to recent one (M1 based), shape has been mostly same, Heigh are different on both side.

Opened box of M2 MacBook Air. Compared with Macbook 12 inch 2016. Slight bigger

I brought M2 MacBook Air with 1TB SSD. More biggest changing for me was share on M2 MacBook Air. It’s flat body same as MacBook Pro series. because in my jobs, company provides MacBook Pro, so not big surprise to use flat shape body. But somehow missing clam shaped body on MacBook Air.

Due to not enough SSD for recent iPhone Photos, It’s a bit tough to handle files with 512GB SSD on previous one, even most of file are managed on iCloud Disk. Previous M1 MacBook Air (2020) has enough CPU/GPU power with M1 for me, at this point, no big reason to change it to latest one. Main reason to change it was mainly for less disk, and a bit curious about flat design and Midnight colours, definitely so cool on my desk.

 Anyway, getting new Mac is always exciting and refreshing my mind!

2023 Target

In the past, I usually looked back a year and set target for coming year on here. but from 2022, changed the format to KPT basis.

2022 Target

So let me continue this format.


  • Riding RoadBike as regular basic exercise. 
    Frequency is a bit lower than 2020/2021, but well kept habit in 2022 as well. This should be kept in 2023.
  • Unfortunately unexpected job changed was happened at Nov 2022, but luckily got another opportunity. The job is expecting me to have more additional technical fields which was not familiar with in past. I felt it’s good challenging form me as well. So in 2023, it’s time to get additional speciality in career. 
  • Reading some English book.
    Due to job change, usage of English ability has been backed. So not concerning to keep the ability. But at same time, Vocabulary should be improved because most of conversion with US team. Intentionally choosing English book  may help me.  Will keep this as much as possible.


  • Less practice for Violin
    Since my work and life style has been changed from 2021, so it’a bit tough to secure practice for Violin, although I’m still having interests for that. I’m feeling somehow for a while, I will defer this habit to a few years. It may be by once settle down  new job.
  • Cooking
    Kept weekend cooking, but due to time limitation, not well challenged new cooking and recipe. 


  • Consider best capital asset management. Due to economical situation change, total my asset was damaged in 2022. During good economics, it did not have any issues. but found some issues because less knowledges. It better to start some learning more on this area from now on.
  • Also consider some life plan for after retirement with above asset management plan. Since getting ages over 40. 

As I wrote in “Keep”, Job change was just happened in Nov 2022, it was not expected at beginning of 2022, because also started new Job at that time. Many of my friends and acquaintance said, “Your latest job is well matched with you than  previous one”. Of course, it was a long way around, then somehow I reached to here. And feeling a bit challenging to take new tech field, at same time enjoying new thing. So maybe for a while in 2023, will focus on my job rather than private one.


Ski in Hokkaido

Although it was a bit early to go ski even in Hokkaido, I tired to be there, fortunately at 1st night, got heavy snow and got ready for ski there. Here was Tomamu, located  at center of Hokkaido. Fully enjoyed 1st time ski in this winter with good condition. Since from this autumn, JP gov reopened board control, so there were some many foreigner travel on there.

Actually this place was memorial ski resort for me, when I was 18th years old,  started ski on here as first time in my life. After that, Hoshino resort acquired this place and fully renovated. Not only for ski, also there is an indoor pool as well. Highly recommend place to go in winter season. 

This photo was taken at early morning, just after opened place. It’s very comfort to tread on fresh snow.



Night Train “Sunrise Express”

As I posted, I went to Okayama and Kagawa pref as ride trip. From Kagawa to Tokyo, I took a reservation for “Sunrise Seto”, which is one of the last normal sleeper train in Japan. There are many special decorated sleeper trains in Japan, but those are luxury train with very expensive price like “Seven Stars Kyushu“. “Sunrise Express” has two lines, one is this “Sunrise Seto”, another is “Sunrise Izumo”, which is from Tokyo to Izumo.  

The reason at this time to get on the train was “possible to bring road bike to single room like below. It’s famous for rider.

Caution: some other type of room may be difficult to bring it. Please be careful to book the room time if you want to bring road bike to the train. 

Train fee for the single room from Takamatsu to Tokyo was mostly 23,000 JPY, including room fee. It’s quite reasonable as hotel and transport fee. 

It’s very popular train in Japan as limited regular night train,  so not easy to book a reservation for Sunrise Express(both Seto and Izumo). But this time, it was lucky,  only retune trip (from Takamatsu to Tokyo) was available, even if I tried to get ticket just before 3 days.

There is no shop for food and no cafeteria car. Only small drink vending machine is there. So if you will get on the train, highly recommended to buy drink and food in advance.