Still continually reorganizing server folder on this domain, during this work, I looked back what I posted. I had frequently posted until 2010. After that I have been skipping to post. The main reason might be social platform like “Twitter”, “Facebook” and so forth. Those platform is very easy to post and to show article and sentence to my friends, and they can easily comment and express reaction by clicking “Like” or “Favorite”. It was game changer on CGM. Then I followed the trend without any concern. Still there is no big issue, and it’s very useful.

But one of the demerit to shift those platform is, for me, to avoid to write long sentence. Many friends and acquaintances read many posts, it looks like falling message. So long sentence is not suitable for the situation. Also some person posts long sentence and it’s not bad. Anyway, it’s good opportunity to think what kind of topic I should post on this.

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