Target for 2016

Happy New Year!  

Let me look back 2015 before writing my target in 2016. I had two major targets in 2015.

No1 was “To enhance vocabulary and expression in English”. Unfortunately I can say “Completely Archived”, but compared with last year, in my feeling, it is getting better day by day. And this target is not end, I need to keep this effort to do. No2 was to see additional area excluding “Online Advertising”. Because totally 8 years I have been working in online advertising industry. In order to look for new opportunity to work with another area, I wanted to see new area. But I’m still in same industry. Although personally started to learn iOS APP Development. It has partially done.

No1. To release something App in iOS.

As one of the target to learn iOS APP development, I’d like to release one application into public via AppStore. This goal is very cleared target in my past targets.

No2. To more enhance private.
In my life, I have strongly focused on work after university graduation. As result, there is no hobby, don’t have knowledge and news about excluding working industry. In my plan, I will start to learn playing violin from Jan.


I wish you a happy new year!

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