Many devices

Sometime I want to buy new gadget. Not only apple products, tablet or new style of win note PC. But I noticed that there is no enough time to spend to use those. Once let me list up all device I have.

MacBook Pro 15 retina
MacBook Air 13 (provided by company, not private use)
iPad mini 4
iPhone 6
Kindle white paper 2015/2012

And last 2 month, on top of that I sold MacBook Air 11, and iPad mini 2. Totally there were nine devices. So far it was reduced to seven. But still seven..

Additionally there are three decided way to read ebooks, kindle, kobo, own PDF, and Safari Books Online. Kindle and Kobo device can’t cover each service, only iPad or iPhone can support to read all service, but it’s too shrining to read books, so I prefer digital paper type like Kindle white paper.

And sometime I want to develop program on Xcode, iPad can’t run it. Then mobile note book is needed, if I have Win Laptop PC, it also can’t do.

As result, there are too many service and many things I want to do under limited time. In order to solve these situation, I strongly feet I need to select or prioritize what I want to do….

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