Apple Music

I had ignored all setting for Apple Music on iPhone/iPad and always individually purchased music from iTurn Store so far. Actually I don’t like to choose subscribe type of contract. Onetime cost is best chose for me to avoid unnecessary payment, this is my basic through for digital contents.

But recently most of digital contents are covered by monthly subscribing type service. Before that, software had been changed to those type from package license type. So i couldn’t refuse these trend for Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office service. I’m paying for both now.

And today I additionally realised, recently I’m purchasing music from iTurn Store, and monthly average is exceeding Apple Music monthly fee…. So just gave up to refuse this very convenient and fascinating service “Apple Music”. Unfortunately started to subscribe this from toady.

My itunes library seems merged with cloud service and I’m not sure if will unsubscribe it, how i can get back original my library. Bit it may not happened, since this is forever trap by Apple…

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