Replace compact camera

Usually I took photo by iPhone X. Needless to say, it’s so easy and qualified without any careless. No one doubt that reason. But iPhone’s setting is too much automated and i Guess it’s possible to offer functionality to configure some detail setting, Apple doesn’t do that as usability point of view. So to take more photo with some condition, I prefer to use Digital Cameras. But one of that is DSLR camera, it’s so functional and easily take good and Vivid photo. Issue of that, heavy and big for mobility. It depends on situation, but not suitable for travel and daily use. So my second one is compact camera. Although just saying compact camera, There are many type of that. My favourite one is Ricoh GR serious. It doesn’t have zoom lens and flash which major compact camera has. But GR serious can take good snapshot in any situation with vivid colours. started to use this from GR Digital 4, GR 2 and now i just replace to latest version of GR, “GR 3” from GR 2. Compared with previous one, Usability for navigation on Camera has been improved and added some useful function without grade down. Below is one of the photo took by GR3 last week. I’m really enjoy to more take photo with this.

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