1st Flight over my house

Finally I got Drone “DJI Mini 2” as posted last week. But there are many regulation in Japan to fly Drone. Under 199g Drone has less regulation than over 200g weight so far. Then I could make some test flights over my house with DJI Mini 2. Below is recorded video for sunset with Mt.Fuji. Needless to say I have never seen this view from my area. It’s awesome and feels enough worth to buy Drone personally.

But as wrote at beginning, due to regulation in Japan, I can’t fly even this lighter drone out side of my house in Tokyo. And public park, side of river and harbor in Tokyo doesn’t allow people to fly drone due to risk of damage to any stuff. So I need to go out from Tokyo to find best place to practice more….. 

Ordered DJI Mini 2

To learn feeling to operate Drone before use commercial Drone, Just ordered DJI Mini 2 as toy drone. One of the changing in Japan regarding law in this year, registration for toy drone will be required from June 20th 2022. And Remote ID to identify UAV in Japan will be also needed after June 2022. But if regitered before June 2022, Toy Drone (under 199g) will be omitted to have remote ID.

I’m looking forward to get and flight it soon. 

Learning from book.

As new job, I need to learn a lot of new things. Not only for just industrial buziness scheme, also technology as well. Because I didn’t major in Agriculture area, there are many new things for me. But it’s very fun to learn it.

During these learning process, reading book is the shortest way to quickly get knowledges. Of course, I can learn from colleagues and new enviroment.  Point in here is how much i can quickly be one of the matured person in work place. Otherwise, it’s also hard to get trust from them. Fortunetley there are many latest industrial and knowledges books in Japanese. But one thing I got aware is less book to learn technologies like how the logic works on precision farming by “Japanese”, although there are many Japanese papers in internet and also competitor’s developed products related precision farming or precision Agriculture technology, it’s called as “PA” which is I’m challenging.

In this situation, I got information about good books in English to learn that area. Unfortunetly there are many rich books in English for this area, not only this area, also for more other technologies area…. One of the books is below.

Practical Mathematics for Precision Farming (ASA, CSSA, and SSSA Books)

I don’t know why these kinds of practical books in Japanese are less… especially academical textbooks published by Japanese has only knowledge based book, no practical books. just reading knowledge based books does not make good memories on me. it’s easy for me by answering more sample question as repeated lesson.

2022 Target

Let me look back this year’s achievement and set 2022 new target by using KPT method.

2021 Target


  • Well rode on Roadbike as basic exercise with GR3.

Same as 2020, my Roadbike life is basement for regular exercise to keep good health condition under pandemic world. Also travel with my roadbike to several place in Japan and got new bike on Dec 2021, so would like to keep this basic habit in routine.

  • Finally got chance to work in different filed from online marketing.

As I posted here, from Jan 2022, my main work will be changed to agricultural industry. Actually in recent year’s target, repeatedly raise the target to find new thing for main work. Finally made it, and new journey will be just starting. So there may be many difficulty and challenges since no experience in the filed. To aim be profession this area, efforts to get expertise will be kept. 


  • Less Practice for Violin

Because of changed life style, I faced difficulty to practice violin in my life due to sound of violin. So although still wanted to practice it, need to consider time allocation and priority for this…


  • Maintaining English Ability.

Since my next working place is more Japan domestic company and product target may be mostly in Japan, of course there are some potential to expand it to out side of Japan and I need to make the best effort to realise it. But as short team, I should concentrate to learn and be mature for the new filed first. So somehow, like writing blog in English or take conversation online class will be continued to maintain English ability.

  • – Improving cooking skill

I did not post this topic in here. But sometime post the cooking photos in Instagram and Twitter. Still leaning and trying many thing by watching YouTube. Will  keep that in daily life.

Repeatedly wrote in here, taking new job is most challenge thing for me in 2022. So once I will focus on that as much as possible! 

First Post to Medium

One of the afraid after changing job is getting far from English environment, to smoothly change Working domain, I chose Japanese company rather than global company. Japan is not native country for English and quite strong wall for other languages although got economically success in 20 century.. (can’t say in 21 century right now….). So how I can keep ability to use English is challenging. Then one of the effort I’m doing is reading new professional area books in English and writing article on here and 
Medium“.  Originally English blog post was also on “Note“. but it seems no English reader in that site. So I will continually use Note for Japanese casual article and tried to use “Medium” for English writing.

Today I finally published one article on Medium as below! I hope I can continue to post some article on there….