Ski in Hokkaido

Although it was a bit early to go ski even in Hokkaido, I tired to be there, fortunately at 1st night, got heavy snow and got ready for ski there. Here was Tomamu, located  at center of Hokkaido. Fully enjoyed 1st time ski in this winter with good condition. Since from this autumn, JP gov reopened board control, so there were some many foreigner travel on there.

Actually this place was memorial ski resort for me, when I was 18th years old,  started ski on here as first time in my life. After that, Hoshino resort acquired this place and fully renovated. Not only for ski, also there is an indoor pool as well. Highly recommend place to go in winter season. 

This photo was taken at early morning, just after opened place. It’s very comfort to tread on fresh snow.



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