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Reading Impression: Escaping the Build Trap

I read this book in this march although it’s famous in our web industry. Author has a variety of experience as Product manager, based no those, he explained success case/failure as organisation.

Most impressive thing in this book was difference between “output” and “outcome”. People who use English as 2nd language, sometime translation and understanding for the difference is not so big, but having good example in this book, I well reconginzed not same, it’s clear difference for business. Number of delivery as project is output, it’s apparently one of the realised thing into the world, but it’s not final goal, it’s just method to achieve the goal. Goal as business is definitely “Revenue”. Just delivered which is not related with any revenue / profit does not make sense for business. This author is saying that unfortunately of some product team has good KPI for project delivery as “output”, focus on making function first rather than to generate money. but it’s not good way to make strength Product management team, product team should focus on “outcome” like profit, revenue is main message in this book.

In fact, it’s heavy responsiblity to have outcome base target because there are many dependency with another team in company to make sure outcome. Sale and marketing team is one of the key to create great sales by making good messaging to appeal the product. But if product team ignore how they can do their work, at the end, Good result will be not happened. Sometime blaming each other is common issue in many product company, product team complains sale/marketing does not work well then sales number is not good, in opposite case, sale team criticises that product is not attractive for our customer as reason of not good sales. To solve those chicken and egg issues, product team should have wider view and mind for product’s outcome is my understanding of this book.



Adobe archived record sales.

Last week I wrote about Adobe Cloud Subscription license. In this week, according article posted on TechCrunch, Adobe had record sales in this year since changed business model from package to subscription.

Adobe’s Record Revenue Proves Successful Business Transformation Is Possible

Accidentally the article is explaining business impact of subscription with actual figure, so I was surprised to read such kind of article after i posted. At the same time, as user point of view, current Adobe Cloud monthly fee is higher than we expect or package license. I believe there is room to price down as their effort..Also profit is very important as company for the future advance. The profit will make some investment to develop new productive and beneficial function and products as basic economics. So I don’t prefer to blame the record sales itself.

Let’s keep eyes on these situation.


Subscription License for Adobe Cloud and MS Office

Major software company is shifting software license from package to subscription. As you may know, it makes those company be able to get stable revenue and prevent illegal software usage. As for Adobe Could, there is no option to select package license at this time. Personally I prefer to buy it since i can select whether upgrade or not when they released new version, and skipped some version to save money. As result, under this situation, my payment for adobe is totally increased.  I am helplessly paying monthly fee for that. 

But i noticed sometime Amazon or some online software site offers discounted annual license for Adobe. And today I found 30% off in as Cyber Monday Sale. I quickly bought it and apply issued code to my account. Then my subscription was extended to one year. I guess someone doesn’t know this approach to save annual cost. So  I summarized this finding to recommend Adobe Could user who pays monthly fee without any discount.

Actually I choose subscription license for MS Office to upgrade from 2011 to 2016 last month, just and I could do some approach. Basically MS subscription Fee is reasonable than adobe Cloud and they offers package license so far. 


Amazon Web Service

From this month, I started to use Amazon Web Service to build development environment. I feel it is quite professional service and easy to scale out server environment. If you have some experience to manage server in data center, I trust you have same feeling and will be amazed by their services.

And it makes good opportunity for all startups to prepare server without big investment and enough engineer.
So I would like to learn how to utilize AWS continually.


Google IME

The other day , Google distributed IME. It is very smooth and Comfort.

But If you ask me, Which Do you prefer ,ATOK or Google IME? and I say, I like ATOK because Google will not be able to understand Japanese culture!