Subscription License for Adobe Cloud and MS Office

Major software company is shifting software license from package to subscription. As you may know, it makes those company be able to get stable revenue and prevent illegal software usage. As for Adobe Could, there is no option to select package license at this time. Personally I prefer to buy it since i can select whether upgrade or not when they released new version, and skipped some version to save money. As result, under this situation, my payment for adobe is totally increased.  I am helplessly paying monthly fee for that. 

But i noticed sometime Amazon or some online software site offers discounted annual license for Adobe. And today I found 30% off in as Cyber Monday Sale. I quickly bought it and apply issued code to my account. Then my subscription was extended to one year. I guess someone doesn’t know this approach to save annual cost. So  I summarized this finding to recommend Adobe Could user who pays monthly fee without any discount.

Actually I choose subscription license for MS Office to upgrade from 2011 to 2016 last month, just and I could do some approach. Basically MS subscription Fee is reasonable than adobe Cloud and they offers package license so far. 

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