I had been using Apple Watch 2 to receive any type of message on the phone. Because of that, i was recognised that person seriously care time management. but it’s totally different what i did. Since i just checked messages in business hours. But someone felt I carefully checked time because it’s watch.

In this December, as reward to me, i finally brought Apple Watch 5 Hermes Version. Official name is “40mm Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Noir Swift Leather Double Tour” on Marina Bay Sands Hermes shop. Actually it’s first time buy product in offical Hermes shop. I’m still far from those famous brand shop…. But that watch has been sold out in Apple store in Japan and Singapore, also online. I luckily found it. So no time to wonder to buy….. Staff in the shop said that “Some men look for Double Tour band, but only men who has slender arms can wear it. Mostly it’s for women.”

Simply say, it’s expensive as digital watch… And my functional expectation is same as Apple Watch 2 had. But I’m feeling well fit with my hands. I believe i can use this longer term. 

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