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My work from home has been started from mid of Feb 2020. Because in Singapore, there were some infected person by covid-19 who came back from china. It seemed earlier than another countries. After beginning of March, another countries in the world wide had faced covid-19 difficulty.

And due to private matter, I temporarily backed to japan from mid of March, have been staying in tokyo for 1.5 months under this situation. It means mostly over 2 months, i work from home. 

So how i can make comfortable work place in my home is getting important to stay long time. I tried to enrich some equipment in my room.  Let me briefly explain what i brought in recently.

First one is PC stand for MacBook Air. Angle for Laptop display is always lower than natural eyes position, it means neck got unnecessary load and makes stiff upper back. To adjust angle, stand for laptop is needed. I found best designed stand for MacBook Air, it’s completely thinner when folded and no issue to store it on case without removing.


A bit expensive but it’s worth to buy.


Another one is sub display to extend MacBook Air’s workspace. There are many type of monitor recently, but to care about future’s flexibility, I selected mobile monitor which is enable to be attached with monitor arms, also can power by only Type C without AC adopter. Upon on the condition, Below one was bast and price when i bought was around 30,000 JPY, but no ups to 40,000 JPY because it may be by many work from home. 

It’s not big size among no mobile display with same price zone. But it’s ok as second display and 4K is well matching with MacBook Air’s Retina quality.

モバイルモニター EVICIV 15.6インチ モバイルディスプレイ 4K Adobe100%色域 HDR 薄型 IPSパネル USB Type-C/標準HDMI/mini DP スリーブケース付 EVC-1504

Actually I bought more product to make comfortable home desk space. So sometime i may write this kind of article in future.

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