Learning from book.

As new job, I need to learn a lot of new things. Not only for just industrial buziness scheme, also technology as well. Because I didn’t major in Agriculture area, there are many new things for me. But it’s very fun to learn it.

During these learning process, reading book is the shortest way to quickly get knowledges. Of course, I can learn from colleagues and new enviroment.  Point in here is how much i can quickly be one of the matured person in work place. Otherwise, it’s also hard to get trust from them. Fortunetley there are many latest industrial and knowledges books in Japanese. But one thing I got aware is less book to learn technologies like how the logic works on precision farming by “Japanese”, although there are many Japanese papers in internet and also competitor’s developed products related precision farming or precision Agriculture technology, it’s called as “PA” which is I’m challenging.

In this situation, I got information about good books in English to learn that area. Unfortunetly there are many rich books in English for this area, not only this area, also for more other technologies area…. One of the books is below.

Practical Mathematics for Precision Farming (ASA, CSSA, and SSSA Books)

I don’t know why these kinds of practical books in Japanese are less… especially academical textbooks published by Japanese has only knowledge based book, no practical books. just reading knowledge based books does not make good memories on me. it’s easy for me by answering more sample question as repeated lesson.

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