2022 Target

Let me look back this year’s achievement and set 2022 new target by using KPT method.

2021 Target


  • Well rode on Roadbike as basic exercise with GR3.

Same as 2020, my Roadbike life is basement for regular exercise to keep good health condition under pandemic world. Also travel with my roadbike to several place in Japan and got new bike on Dec 2021, so would like to keep this basic habit in routine.

  • Finally got chance to work in different filed from online marketing.

As I posted here, from Jan 2022, my main work will be changed to agricultural industry. Actually in recent year’s target, repeatedly raise the target to find new thing for main work. Finally made it, and new journey will be just starting. So there may be many difficulty and challenges since no experience in the filed. To aim be profession this area, efforts to get expertise will be kept. 


  • Less Practice for Violin

Because of changed life style, I faced difficulty to practice violin in my life due to sound of violin. So although still wanted to practice it, need to consider time allocation and priority for this…


  • Maintaining English Ability.

Since my next working place is more Japan domestic company and product target may be mostly in Japan, of course there are some potential to expand it to out side of Japan and I need to make the best effort to realise it. But as short team, I should concentrate to learn and be mature for the new filed first. So somehow, like writing blog in English or take conversation online class will be continued to maintain English ability.

  • – Improving cooking skill

I did not post this topic in here. But sometime post the cooking photos in Instagram and Twitter. Still leaning and trying many thing by watching YouTube. Will  keep that in daily life.

Repeatedly wrote in here, taking new job is most challenge thing for me in 2022. So once I will focus on that as much as possible! 

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