Changed to M2 MacBook Air

I have been user for MacBook Air since 1st generation of that. it was released at 2018. Including company’s one, I used most of generation of that. And 1st gen to recent one (M1 based), shape has been mostly same, Heigh are different on both side.

Opened box of M2 MacBook Air. Compared with Macbook 12 inch 2016. Slight bigger

I brought M2 MacBook Air with 1TB SSD. More biggest changing for me was share on M2 MacBook Air. It’s flat body same as MacBook Pro series. because in my jobs, company provides MacBook Pro, so not big surprise to use flat shape body. But somehow missing clam shaped body on MacBook Air.

Due to not enough SSD for recent iPhone Photos, It’s a bit tough to handle files with 512GB SSD on previous one, even most of file are managed on iCloud Disk. Previous M1 MacBook Air (2020) has enough CPU/GPU power with M1 for me, at this point, no big reason to change it to latest one. Main reason to change it was mainly for less disk, and a bit curious about flat design and Midnight colours, definitely so cool on my desk.

 Anyway, getting new Mac is always exciting and refreshing my mind!

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