New Year Holiday

These new years days in japan, it was warmer than usual. 3rd’s maximum temperature was 16 ℃ in tokyo as warm as spring. I almost stayed in my house since I have a cold from end of previous year, still remaining some symptoms, but gradually getting better.

Today, One of TV programs “U18 ぼくらの未来” (Younger’s future) picked up development summer workshop for high school students in japan which was hosted by Rhizomatiks Research, in that workshop, all attendees  concentrated on to develop original application to solve social issue like “Food” and “Communication” by theirselves under Rhizomatiks Research’s support, while summer vacation. One person spent 16 hour to write code per day.

About Rhizomatiks Research

I was shocked to watch the program because many younger who attended to it can develop application as well as independent developer can do. I felt huge gap between their and our generation. One of the reason is different environment regarding the technology. They might be most talented person in their generation, that’s why they could attend to it. Although, as fact, they looks be able to flight with normal developer in the office and will easily be beyond current generation who is devoting on Japanese IT industry. I need to recognize this fact in advance. 

As I sometime posted here, my iOS App Dev was proceeded with getting knowledge, but feeling it’s very slow and don’t have advanced one and new value for the world. I need to change objective to learning dev language from creating new value by development. I believe it’s not too late to start it at this time. But many efforts will be required. From tomorrow 4th Jan, most company will start to work. The key must be how to spend all time what we have. 

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