First time to be in California

Finally I had been in front of Apple HQ in Cupertino. Original objective to be in California was biz trip. But before flight to back to Singapore, I had a time to visit to there. So by taking Caltrain and local bus, I had reached to there. Since Saturday morning, there was a few people. As memorial good, brought Magic Mouse 2 (it’s same as we can buy anywhere), T-shirt and MagCup (Both are Limited to offer at HQ Store).

No reason to be at here. Just drop in before flight

Shunichi Takeishiさん(@tkisnet)が投稿した写真 –

Anyway, it’s very hard to take a long flight between Singapore and US via Tokyo. Singapore Air has resume operation for direct flight between both with max 16 hours. I’m not sure which way is best… On the other hand, weather and atmosphere of city is so nice. So i’m looking forward to visit to there again.

Nice flying bird

Shunichi Takeishiさん(@tkisnet)が投稿した写真 –

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