2021 Target

Last year I completely forgot to write my personal target for new year as I had written it for over a decade. I was busy or losing mind for new year. but let me resume this habit because a whole year plan should be made at first day of the year, it comes from Japanese traditional legend story. From this year, let me use “KPT” method to set target.


  • Finally found good exercise way, Riding road bike with camera.
    because of pandemic, almost spent time in home to work remotely. And I strongly felt risk for my health due to less movement in a day. Actually my iPhone showed one tenth reduced steps per day. And luckily got road bike from my colleague. And started to ride periodically, at same time, I noticed that it let me go anywhere in Singapore. by riding road bike, I could go to many place in Singapore where I have not never been and could take some beautiful scenery photo in Singapore. it’s good motivation to keep riding by visiting photogenic. Because whether changing in four seasons make me hard to keep consistent riding pace comparing with Singapore, but I should keep this activity in all season in Japan.


  • Couldn’t spend time to practice violin.
    needless to say, this is fact and no thing to say more, I didn’t take enough time for violin practice since I spent time for road biking after time. there were two issue, first one was time allocation balancing between riding bike and violin, second one is missing target to violin practice. I need to write done practice menu / list for violin for the new target.


  • Try to learn new challenge to be main work.
    Since I have been working online advertisement service development for a decade, and I already found new area what I want to try, but it requires additional learning to earn money as main work. it’s possible to learn by myself if I can keep motivation. This will be definitely valuable for my future.
  • Write my progress on here or Note
    To record my these target, will keep post in here or Note.

 Wish happy new year!


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