Many devices

Sometime I want to buy new gadget. Not only apple products, tablet or new style of win note PC. But I noticed that there is no enough time to spend to use those. Once let me list up all device I have.

MacBook Pro 15 retina
MacBook Air 13 (provided by company, not private use)
iPad mini 4
iPhone 6
Kindle white paper 2015/2012

And last 2 month, on top of that I sold MacBook Air 11, and iPad mini 2. Totally there were nine devices. So far it was reduced to seven. But still seven..

Additionally there are three decided way to read ebooks, kindle, kobo, own PDF, and Safari Books Online. Kindle and Kobo device can’t cover each service, only iPad or iPhone can support to read all service, but it’s too shrining to read books, so I prefer digital paper type like Kindle white paper.

And sometime I want to develop program on Xcode, iPad can’t run it. Then mobile note book is needed, if I have Win Laptop PC, it also can’t do.

As result, there are too many service and many things I want to do under limited time. In order to solve these situation, I strongly feet I need to select or prioritize what I want to do….


Basic Practice

In my violin lesson, I’m using “Suzuki Method 1st” is one of quite famous for beginner of violin. Additionally I chose “SEVICK OPUS1 PART1 SCHOOL OF VIOLIN TECHNIQUE” to practice basic pattern. But it looks so hard to master and accomplish it.. I’m trying to play one measure by one measure with No1. 16 parts of note is difficult for me to play it..


Resuming development

Recent two weeks, after work, I practice violin around one hour per day and watch some movies on YouTube that some famous violinist or some violin teacher play. There are some new thing for me and notice that it’s long and long way to play violin with good sound. To keep lesson and practice must be most important.

But I also noticed one application is in development. I forget what I’m coding… So to resume that, Just start to list up what function is needed to be completed.


Bought Violin

20160123114129.jpgFinally I bought Violin. At the beginning of this year, 2 weeks ago, I bought cheaper silent violin set on Amazon.co.jp. Needless to say, sound and feeling to play is totally different from it. Still my technic is so beginner. I have recognized that many efforts to master with it is needed. But I’m enjoying to practice this, and leaving my developing iOS Application….

As another point of view, I spent money for hobby in this month, saving in next month will be required…..


Keyboard for iPad mini 4

imageI bought Bluetooth keyboard for iPad mini 4 to make more comfortable mobile life. The product name is “BooKey Pro“. It is the thinnest keyboard among the available accessories for iPad. Getting used to use this, but I can’t comment for this so far.

One thing is it’s totally different usability compared with MacBook Air, needless to say. It’s not enough OS operation function by Keyboard. I guess it’s caused by iOS, not this product. Any similar product doesn’t have such kind of expected function. I nee to understand these characteristics.


 Let me update some feedback here later.