Video for online privacy protection by apple

There are some opinions for this video in Japan. Because this video is too much emphasising that any data handling on marketing must be wrong. But those opinions are mostly in side of marketing and tech company side who are dealing with online marketing. Recent all of marketing activity are heavily depending on user data analysis by associated with user’s IDs. The perspective of consumer is not well considered than company side benefit. It’s unbalance  between consumer and business in last decade tech development. This is a part of reason I left from the industry.

 In fact, the online tech company is also caring the privacy protection by anonymising, so not bidding by persona name basis in the video. But at same time, regardless online or offline, there are some hidden trade about no anonymised persona data as violating the law, so platform vender should make function to protect user from at least criminal, also making well balanced system between consumer and business. So I can agree with the video and apple’s direction on this topics. 

WWDC2022 Platforms State of the Union

It’s just season to learn apple direction and product in June. WWDC has been hold in this week. And there are latest technology updates as well as new

One of the impressed tech in 2nd session “Platforms State of the Union” was ”Swift Charts”. It’s not conspicuous one because there are some similar library to make chart on swift app. But reason why I love is it enables us to make simple and smart chart on app as well as native app has, since it’s troublesome to make own designed chart by swift. 

Of course, there are more fantastic updates,  like concurrency async, Live Text API, NavigationStack and so on.  But Swift Charts was the most favourite one for me in the session. 

It’s effective from iOS 16. 


It might be 2nd time to go to Kanazawa in my life. 1st time was private trip when I was 21 years old. But completely forgot where I visited in that time and atmosphere of the town. And this time is for biz trip, so there is no time to visit anywhere in daytime. After finished work in the bi trip, dropped by one of the famous spot. It seems be late to come to there. Lively time might be day time. Hope I can visit again to the historical town.

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1st Flight over my house

Finally I got Drone “DJI Mini 2” as posted last week. But there are many regulation in Japan to fly Drone. Under 199g Drone has less regulation than over 200g weight so far. Then I could make some test flights over my house with DJI Mini 2. Below is recorded video for sunset with Mt.Fuji. Needless to say I have never seen this view from my area. It’s awesome and feels enough worth to buy Drone personally.

But as wrote at beginning, due to regulation in Japan, I can’t fly even this lighter drone out side of my house in Tokyo. And public park, side of river and harbor in Tokyo doesn’t allow people to fly drone due to risk of damage to any stuff. So I need to go out from Tokyo to find best place to practice more….. 

Ordered DJI Mini 2

To learn feeling to operate Drone before use commercial Drone, Just ordered DJI Mini 2 as toy drone. One of the changing in Japan regarding law in this year, registration for toy drone will be required from June 20th 2022. And Remote ID to identify UAV in Japan will be also needed after June 2022. But if regitered before June 2022, Toy Drone (under 199g) will be omitted to have remote ID.

I’m looking forward to get and flight it soon.