Good reference for beginner of iOS App developer

From beginning of this year, I have been planning to develop iOS App to learn Swift and Xcode development. As fast step, started with learning some UI design concept for iOS and making mock. There are many document or guideline offered by Apple.  And Adobe provides many tool to make mock for Smartphone Apple. 

I would like to recommend some documents and services for the beginner of developer like me. and if i will find more good one, let me update here or post new one.

Site Title Memo
Apple iOS Human Interface Guidelines. Basic Document
Apple WWDC Video Official and biggest MacOSX and iOS developer conference by Apple.
Adobe Adobe Comp Mock Application for not only for SmartDevice, also Web & Publishing. Easy to share the mock with Desktop Adobe Creative Suite like Photoshop and Illustrator.  
A Map of the Unexplored Project iOS Fonts Available Font list on iOS Application.

Subscribing Office Solo

20151122I have just subscribed Microsoft Office Solo to upgrade Office from Office 2011. Mainly I use Powerpoint and Excel, especially PowerPoint has huge bug for Japanese environment, it can’t copy the object on the document. But after upgrade, more comfortable then previous one since UI is closing to Windows Version and solved the issue.

Unexpectedly monthly fee is bit higher than package license. As software company of view, they will be more profitable. Consumer need to pay forever. This is not only for Office product, also Adobe Creative Suit. On the other hand, Apple is providing some basic application by package license with reasonable fee. These are totally different business model. I’m not sure which is the best for consumer, not for business usage.


UIkit on Cocoa

Continually studying iOS App development by referring some document and online website. just getting used to Xcode Interface. But there are some many framework function based on Cocoa. I have not yet looked over all UIKit framework. I have some idea for the app. trying to find best way to build UI based on some UIkit module. will look for UIKit list to make me be easy to find the best one.

UIKit User Interface Catalog




iPad mini 4

IMG_5288I bought iPad mini 4 by upgrading from iPad mini 2. Main reason is to increase storage size, my iPad mini 2 was 16GB. So I needed to replace contents like movie and book.

Almost my books were scanned because I didn’t want to keep space and shelf for books. And I want to read anytime when I have a time. 

Anyway, latest iPad mini is thinner and lighter than old one. It’s easy to read.


Germany Trip 2015 Photo Day1

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What is strength of Apple?

I’m learning application development for iOS device with swift. But it’s not only development language. Apple strongly requires developer to make sure great User experience. To do so, there are many guidelines for UI design and Application behavior. The website for iOS developer has a lot of docs and video. So I’m reading one by one to understand their concept. While doing this, it makes me recognize as strength of Apple. This is one of video contents recoded in WWDC2015. I have just watched it.

Have a nice weekend!



It’s long time to no go aboard as private trip. Last time was 5 years ago. This time, I went to Germany with my parents. Main purpose for this trip was celebration for my father’s retirement. because my father has never gone abroad. I will upload some picture later. Some photos has been posted on Instagram.

Date Sightsee Place Memo Photo 
10/2   Flight(JL407 NRT->FRT)

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10/3 München City
Train (DB Bahn: Frankfurt->München)  

Münchner Oktoberfest
Schloss Nymphenburg

10/5 Schloss Neuschwanstein
Schloß Hohenschwangau
 Bus Tour  
10/6 Heidelberg  Train (DB Bahn: München->Frankfurt)  
10/7 Rhein Server
Kölner Dom
 Train (DB Bahn) / Cruises (KD)  
10/8 Frankfurt City  Walking  
10/9   Flight (JL408 FRT->NRT)  


Still continually reorganizing server folder on this domain, during this work, I looked back what I posted. I had frequently posted until 2010. After that I have been skipping to post. The main reason might be social platform like “Twitter”, “Facebook” and so forth. Those platform is very easy to post and to show article and sentence to my friends, and they can easily comment and express reaction by clicking “Like” or “Favorite”. It was game changer on CGM. Then I followed the trend without any concern. Still there is no big issue, and it’s very useful.

But one of the demerit to shift those platform is, for me, to avoid to write long sentence. Many friends and acquaintances read many posts, it looks like falling message. So long sentence is not suitable for the situation. Also some person posts long sentence and it’s not bad. Anyway, it’s good opportunity to think what kind of topic I should post on this.


Migration from 5th generation site

Today, I just merged page by migrating from 5th gen. Because 5th gen site was based on Flash, but almost browser is going to be far from flash player. So I decided to abolished Flash site although I loved Adobe Flash. And at the same time, I shifted to WordPress from MovableType. Needless to say, WordPress has so many design template and plugins. It makes me be easy to show contents for smartphone as well. Actually hidden wordpress mysite in this domain was established from 2009. Now I officialized this page.

Recently, almost contents which are created by personal user are posting on Facebook, Twitter and Social Service and so forth. But I would like to keep this space. Migration might be not completed. I will gradually fix some issue on this page.