iPhone SE

Currently I’m using iPhone 6 docomo. From 6s, user can unlock SIM. But iPhone 6 doesn’t allow to be unlocked. And 6s is very expensive ever so I missed to buy it. There are some rumor about SE, like it’s based on reusing dead stock part from 6s. “Inside The iPhone SE Reveals Surprising Developments In Apple’s Supply Chain“.

It’s ok for me. Possible to unlock SIM with reasonable price is good condition. So I ordered 64G Gold version on Docomo WebSite last week after apple unveiled. But I have not yet received to contact from them. Still waiting..


Strawberry picking

20160411122631.jpgSpring is coming here. I went to strawberry picking in Chiba prefecture. Charge for a adult is 1,500 JPY. Then freely eat strawberry in the greenhouse. There were four type of strawberry, but I forgot the name of it.

Last year, I did same thing April. Then I felt peak season was passed, so beginning of March is better than April.





G String

I just started to practice to play Violin with G String, as 1st position, all scale might be covered. But it’s difficult to play it with right scale without cracks compared with other instruments like Piano. But if we can touch right point to play, the scale is clearly sounded. I’m not sure where is my goal to play violin at this moment. There are many things to learn how to play violin, so I’d like to move forward step by step.


Not fitted

Last month, as posted at here, bought bluetooth keyboard for iPad mini 4.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit my purpose and my iPad mini 4 condition. I feel key stroke depth on this is not enough for me. And iPad holder can’t correctly catch iPad with blue light cut film “RetinaGuard iPad mini4“, since the film has a thickness of 0.6 mm. So film was distorted. 

As my conclusion, it doesn’t fit for me. so removed it and attached original iPad Cover made by Apple. In the meantime, I give up to find suitable keyboard for iPad. Because importance and necessary is not high at this moment.


Many devices

Sometime I want to buy new gadget. Not only apple products, tablet or new style of win note PC. But I noticed that there is no enough time to spend to use those. Once let me list up all device I have.

MacBook Pro 15 retina
MacBook Air 13 (provided by company, not private use)
iPad mini 4
iPhone 6
Kindle white paper 2015/2012

And last 2 month, on top of that I sold MacBook Air 11, and iPad mini 2. Totally there were nine devices. So far it was reduced to seven. But still seven..

Additionally there are three decided way to read ebooks, kindle, kobo, own PDF, and Safari Books Online. Kindle and Kobo device can’t cover each service, only iPad or iPhone can support to read all service, but it’s too shrining to read books, so I prefer digital paper type like Kindle white paper.

And sometime I want to develop program on Xcode, iPad can’t run it. Then mobile note book is needed, if I have Win Laptop PC, it also can’t do.

As result, there are too many service and many things I want to do under limited time. In order to solve these situation, I strongly feet I need to select or prioritize what I want to do….